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CCS STONE has been family owned and operated since 1963.
Dedicated to the highest standards of quality and dependability,
CCS STONE, Inc. has earned a respected position in the stone community.
CCS STONE, Inc. imports only the highest quality materials from the finest factories and quarries worldwide.
CCS STONE, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of GLASSOS® Crystal White and GLASSOS® Nano White surfaces. GLASSOS® is a registered trademark of CCS STONE, Inc. and the most recognized name in crystallized glass.
Industry professionals depend on CCS Stone, Inc. for their natural, engineered and GLASSOS® requirements.
The company inventories hundreds of materials in New Jersey including slabs, tiles and custom fabricated projects.
The 40,000 sf facility has five overhead cranes and is equipped with a state of the art fabrication shop.


CCS STONE, Inc.is the first marble shop in New Jersey accredited by the Marble Institute of America and has earned the coveted designation of Marble Institute of America (MIA) Accredited Natural Stone Fabricator.  To become an Accredited Natural Stone Fabricator by the MIA, a company must have successfully completed three phases of application.  Phase one was the completion of a lengthy application that required the applicant company to provide various documents and references which ensure that the company is in compliance with the 10 standards of accreditation as laid out by the MIA Accreditation Commission.  Phase two requires that the company's qualifying agent (the designated company representative responsible for filing and maintaining accreditation records for the applicant company) to pass a 200 question multiple choice test.  The exam tests the applicant's knowledge and application of material usage, installation, fabrication, restoration, care and maintenance, administration, legal/contracts, and jobsite and shop safety.  The third phase consists of a comprehensive site visit which includes a facility review, document review, and one or more installation visits.  According to Jim Hieb, CEO of the Marble Institute of America;  "In earning this distinction, CCS Stone, Inc. has demonstrated expertise in natural stone craftsmanship, a true concern for worker and customer safety, and dedication to business ethics and sound business practice which place it among the upper echelon in the natural stone industry".

CCS STONE, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality and service to its customers. The company uses advanced stone working technology while maintaining environmentally conscious processes in the production, handling and packing of its products. CCS STONE, Inc. welcomes trade clients and their customers to view materials in its modern, fully craned indoor facility. The warehouse is clean and safe, with natural light for optimal viewing of stone. Active in the stone community, CCS STONE, Inc. has been a member of the MIA since 1985.

As committee chair for the MIA safety committee CCS Stone, Inc. is committed to educating colleagues in stone safety and responsible practices.



CCS STONE, Inc. is concerned about the environment.

We operate a dustless shop with no airborne siliceous particles, creating a safe and healthier environment for our workers and neighbors. Recycled water is used for cutting and processing, while stone debris is collected in dumpsters and used in the production of asphalt for roadways. Our natural stones are certified by the MIA to be safe from harmful radon and dangerous chemicals. Instead of using freshly cut trees from a lumberyard, CCS STONE, Inc. builds crates in New Jersey from only 100% recycled wood.  Samples are cut from post consumer waste whenever possible and packed with shredded paper documents for protection.

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