Glassos Crystal White

Glassos® Crystal White is the purest crystallized glass available.  

Glassos® is made using a proprietary process of sintering glass crystals, then fusing them together.

This is accomplished through the use of intense heat rather than epoxy resins used to form engineered stone.

Glassos® will not scorch or burn and will retain a brilliant reflective polish for years to come.

The result is a versatile building material that is nearly identical to Thassos Marble,  

yet unlike Thassos it is as hard as granite with zero porosity.   

Available in both polished and Satin Texture finishes.

GLASSOS® Crystal White Architectural Specifications PDF

Cleaning and Maintenance for GLASSOS OCT 2014 PDF

GLASSOS® Laticrete Certification  PDF



GLASSOS® CRYSTAL BEST PRACTICES for the stone professional         

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Accredited by the Marble Institute of America

CCS STONE, Inc is a recognized as a leader in the manufacturing and fabrication of crystallized glass surfaces.

CCS STONE, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of GLASSOS® Products.

GLASSOS® is a registered trademark of CCS STONE, Inc. and the most recognized name in crystallized glass. Industry professionals depend on CCS Stone, Inc. for their natural stone, engineered quartz and GLASSOS® requirements. The company inventories hundreds of materials in New Jersey for distribution including slabs, tiles.

Cut to size projects are produced at our state of the art fabrication facility.