GLASSOS® Buff Pads are used to take out fine surface scratches and markings on the material.    Polishing should be done wet by a stone professional..

5″ Pads can be purchased for $20 each

GLASSOS® Crystal White Slab info




Lifting, Storage and Handling

Material is stored and transported in a vertical position.   Always move one slab at a time when using a gravity clamp.  No cables unless the material is properly packed within a wooden bundle.   Wood or rubber protection is required between the bottom of slabs and tiles when placing or shipping on metal frames.  For Glassos® Crystal White an 8 slab maximum recommended on one side of an a frame and slabs must be nested (back to front) to prevent breakage.  There is a removable protective film on the face of the material for packing this way.  Slabs with the protective film should be stored indoors.



Crystallized glass slabs will always have a certain degree of warpage.   Thinner slabs tend to have a greater degree of warpage than thicker slabs.  This is the result of the manufacturing process in which sintered crystals of glass and minerals are heated to a molten state then gradually cooled until becoming a solid slab.   During the procedure, as the material cools it contracts and may cause the finished slab to warp or curl.  The slabs are then ground, polished , inspected and bundled.   The curling does not affect the quality of the material but is rather an inherent trait of the manufacturing process that should be understood for those interested in the product.   Warpage on a ten foot slab may be up to 3/8” but may vary slightly more or less.   Since tiles are cut from slabs the same conditions of warpage will apply.  A 24×24 tile can have warpage tolerances of 2 mm, 12 x 12 +/- 1mm.

Crystallized Glass will always have impressions caused by the molds used in manufacturing.  Glassos® Crystal White will contain some banding on the back of each slab with the high points smoothed to remove most irregularities from the mold process.    Thicknesses of Crystallized glass are not calibrated and will vary.

All Glassos® Crystal White slabs are smoothed on the back to remove some irregularities.  Tolerance for slabs is +/- 1/8”*

*actual tolerances may vary slightly


Glassos® Crystal White has gas holes that are formed under the visible crystals.  These pin size gas holes appear on the edges and are to be filled with a clear epoxy resin after polishing and then repolished afterwards.  Flat rounded edges are most common.  Minor surface scratches maybe removed with a Glassos® Buff Pad.

Milling and Calibrating

The backs of tiles and slabs are ground to reduce high spots and indentations created during the manufacturing process.   Fabricators must be prepared to calibrate exposed edges to make it uniform in thickness.  Calibrating will reduce the overall thickness.



Crating service for slabs and tiles.

Flat bed trucking recommended for slabs.

Contact CCS for crating rates and lead times