112 x 64 x 2cm


Product Description –   GLASSOS® CALACATTA is a sintered quartz surface material made from a proprietary blend of quartz powder and other fine minerals.  GLASSOS ® CALACATTA is a solid body material and it is fused together using only intense high temperature.  No resins or epoxies are used in the process. The result is a veined white surface that is extremely hard, scratch resistant, UV stable and resistance to acid and alkali.  It is also bacteria resistant free of radon and has virtually no porosity.   Sizes and availability –   Slabs are produced in nominal dimensions of 64” x 112 x 3/4”  Cut to size tolerances on dimension are  +/- 1/16” on slab.   The back of the slabs may have some irregularities from the manufacturing process.  Calibration may be required to get a uniform thickness on the edge.   Applications – Walls, floors, counter tops, vanity tops, shower jambs, sills, niches, saddles and exterior panels.   Suggested Minimum Joint Width and allowances – Interior horizontal countertop seams up to 25” deep require a joint space of 1/32” min, 1/16” -1/8” joint when  greater than 25” deep.   Interior vertical panels up to 25” minimum require a joint space  of 1/16” – 1/8”, 1/8” -1/4” when greater than  25” deep.  Suggested minimum exterior joint width 7/16”.   There must be a minimum 4” setback for all sink and cook top cut outs.  All inside corners including sink cutouts, cook top cut outs, outlets, bump outs and notches must have a minimum ½” inside radius corner.   Satin Texture – GLASSOS® CALACATTA is stocked in a polished finish and available in GLASSOS® Satin Texture.  Satin Texture is a matte finish that removes the polish and increases the coefficient of friction on GLASSOS® products for nonslip requirements.  The treatment is available on tile, cut to size projects and full size slabs.  Installation – For seams and mitered laminations on GLASSOS® CALACATTA use matching acrylic epoxy cartridges from professional product suppliers.  Counter tops and other interior horizontal surfaces may be installed using Silicone® adhesive.  Vertical surfaces may be installed using White Portland Cement such as Laticrete® Platinum or Latapoxy® for exterior and wet areas.   Care and Maintenance – No sealer required for GLASSOS® CALACATTA polished or satin finishes.  GLASSOS® will never yellow or stain.  Clean with a soft cloth or paper towel using glass cleaner .  Don’t use abrasive household surface cleaners or abrasive sponges.  Avoid placing heavy or abrasive objects on the surface without adequate protection.  Always use a cutting board and trivet.